The Issue:

Research has shown repeatedly that the most critical resource in systems development is Team Capability*

Technical staff are usually trained in individual problem solving skills, and their capability in this area is very high.  The problem comes when they are asked to solve problems as a group.

The Solution:

Teaching technical staff to synchronize their understanding of, and solutions to, problems is the area in which the greatest gains in productivity can be quickly realized.  By providing real-world technical problems to solve in the workshops supported by a set of cognitive tools.

The set of "Teambuilding" programs provides organizations with a way of addressing the issue at multiple levels: managerial, development, support, using the same vocabulary and techniques.  We have seen entire organizations achieve immediate and last improvements in performance, morale, cost containment, and turnover with very short timeframes using these techniques.


* The COCOMO research Project at USC has shown that, by far, the most significant factor in building effective systems quickly and efficiently with high quality is what the call "Team Capability".  This is a composite of individual skills meshed with group problem solving capability plus the ability to communicate.  These skills are what Corvus technical team development programs address.

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Technical Team Development...

Optimizing the Critical Resource


Teambuilding for Software Developers (three-day)

The original version of this program was one of the very first team building programs focused on software development.  Since 1990, several thousand software developers have benefited from this intensive three day program.

Program Components                   
+ Proven cognitive and behavioral models applied in a software context
+ Multi-modal learning
+ Real-world software-specific challenges
+ Direct application to team issues

Teambuilding for Software Managers (three-day)

The program focuses on the needs of the management team coordinating a range of software projects.  How does a manager know when to delegate and when to control?  How can you decide what approach to use with your team?  How can you coordinate your team's efforts with another team?

This workshop answers these questions.  A companion course to the "Developers" program, these workshops are usually run to support each other in organizations.

Program Components                   
+ Proven cognitive and behavioral models applied in a software management context
+ Multi-modal learning
+ Comprehensive project simulation
+ Close integration with "Developers" program
+ Direct application to team issues

Teambuilding for Software Support Staff (usu three-day)

We have versions of these programs for a variety of staff and projects types and a range of industries.  The programs use the same techniques and language, but are custom-fitted to the particular situation