The Issue:

It has been said that what cannot be measured, cannot be controlled.  The quantification of manufacturing processes (statistical process control) is what has revolutionized manufacturing over the last 30 years.  Corvus' Project Metrics approach does the same for knowledge-based projects such as software development and hardware design.

Without a solid and growing measurement basis, modern project management cannot hope to succeed to its fullest potential.

The Solution:

Using the organization's own goals and own data allows companies to identify the core set of data needed to achieve its business targets.  Learning a discipline of stakeholder goal and metrics alignment provides an essential on-board skill that can flex with the inevitable changing situations that occur in modern businesses.

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Project Metrics...

Define, Measure, Control... Succeed


Project Metrics Workshop (standard)

This is a one or two day program on the general concept of metrics in the software environment.

The program proceeds from the Corvus viewpoint that software development is a knowledge acquisition activity and that most metrics are "knowledge surrogates".  Using the Goal-Question-(Indicator)-Metric (GQ(I)M) approach, attendees at the workshop learn how to facilitate the development of meaningful metrics in their environment.

Project Metrics Workshop (custom)
This is a one or two day program on the development of specific metrics for the client's environment.

The facilitator leads the group through a discipline of defining goals for the group, what questions need to be answered to achieve the goals, and what needs to be measured to answer the questions.  The loop is closed