The Issue:

Like retirement savings, an IRA, or a 401(k) account, projects can and should be managed as a portfolio.  We invest in them, they carry some risk, and we expect some return from them.

However, few companies truly manage their development projects as if they were investments.

The Solution:

Managing a portfolio of projects allows a true calculation of return on investment at risk.  Coupled with effective estimation processes (an essential ingredient of any portfolio approach), companies can calculate just where the resource investment will likely give the highest return.  Should we move people from Project A to Project B to help Project B's delivery, or will the negative effect on Project A cancel out any gains?

These are questions that can be readily answered with an effective portfolio management program in place.

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Portfolio Management...

Proposals, Projects, and Portfolios


Portfolio Management Basics Workshop (standard)

This is a one day program on the general concept of portfolio management in the software environment.  Recommended to complement the Project Estimation program.

Portfolio Management Workshop (custom)
This is a custom program designed around the specific needs of the business in the area of portfolio management.

Corvus consultants work with senior executives, project managers, and internal metrics champions to create an integrated Portfolio Management system based on the data and tools used by the organization.