Corvus has provided hands-on capability to many large and small healthcare organizations including:


Over the last two decades, Corvus has served and worked with a great many large technical organizations including:


Corvus clients have included:

Corvus has also worked with a wide range of organizations across manufacturing, construction, education, and retail domains.  We find that while each area has its unique challenges, they also share many common issues.  Bringing ideas from one business to help solve problems in another business, is one of Corvus' strengths.



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Past and Present

Client Base

A Wide Net...

Corvus has deliberately cast a wide net in dealing with clients.  We find that learning from the challenges of one client, we can develop innovative solutions at other clients in other domains.

...but with a Certain Focus...

But there are certain types of businesses that map onto our experience and with whom we find ourselves regularly working. 

is a growing industry and one with extremely high levels of competence--in medical matters.  We routinely find that medical professionals, having spent their adult lives learning medicine, have challenges with other aspects of their business practice: with running offices, hiring staff, providing feedback, defining efficient processes,...

This is where Corvus comes in.

Software Development:
Has been a primary focus on Corvus since the late 1980s.  Corvus staff have personally trained over 20,000 software developers, managers, teams, executives, and organizations.

While we have designed systems and built development processes for decades, Corvus has a particular focus on project estimation and portfolio management.