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Rarely do even Big Ideas emerge any 
longer from the solitary labors of genius.


                    Robert Reich (1946 - )
                    American Political Economist
                    from Tales of America (1987)

ACM DL Author-ize serviceThe organism and the mechanism of projects
Phillip G. Armour
Communications of the ACM - The Adaptive Web, 2002



There are two components to projects:


I contend that most of our attention in software process is focused on the Mechanism components. 
I think this focus is mistaken, and does not produce the highest returns on effort. 

In this article, I identify a list of considerations we must bear in mind as we create software teams.  They are:

I also identify what we need to do to effectively build teams.  These processes and functions are, incidentally, built into all our technical team development programs.  They are:

This list is taken from our proven model of team development (the "The Five Principles of Teams") that is a feature of many of our technical team programs.  Several thousand software developers have benefited from these programs and have achieved stunning productivity improvements.  



The Organism and Mechanism of Projects