Corvus International Inc:

Corvus International Inc. comprises the principals and a group of associates whose experience and skills  cover a wide range of business domains, professional roles, and technical expertise.

We can call upon the capabilities of such diverse talents as senior corporate vice presidents, 
family counselors, programming language hacks, software quality gurus, OD experts, and leaders and 
managers at many levels of many industries.  Many of our associates are themselves principals of their own highly successful companies

The Principals:

Susan L. Slater Ph.D.

Dr. Slater received a doctorate in Industrial Psychology from The Illinois Institute of Technology in 1984. In her role as International Market Research Manager for United Airlines, Susan designed and executed numerous evaluation programs and executive assessments.  As Cargo Pricing Manager for the startup Pacific operation, she was responsible for optimizing over $250 million in annual traffic.  She has also served in a support role in the aftermath of airline disasters, providing assistance to families of victims and survivors as well as United's crash support staff themselves.

Susan has been a program developer and Master Instructor for numerous organizations: IIT, United Airlines, Motorola, Disney, AT&T, GenCorp, Ameritech, PathoGenesis, MTN Cameroon Fiat, American Airlines, and many others.  Her specialty has been in the areas of evaluation and skills assessment, and in team building, especially in technical areas.  Working with a wide range of non-technical and technical staffs, from communications engineers and software systems developers to medical and pharmaceutical  firms to construction and automotive companies, Susan has both a great range of experience, and a significant depth of knowledge in the real-world application of Human Resource programs.

Susan's particular area of professional expertise is in coaching and personnel development within the medical profession.  She has some of the Midwest's leading medical practices and hospital groups as clients.

Phillip Glen Armour

Phil has been in the software development business for over 40 years. 
In this time Phil has built industrial process control and management systems for steelworks, native language parsers for communications systems, data management systems for large retail operations, and support systems for airlines.   Phil was a database administrator and led the implementation of two major projects for United Airlines, worked at the DoE's Argonne National Laboratory for two years, has been a consultant to many project teams, and has developed many different kinds of systems on many different platforms
Phil was a software process engineer in the mid '80s before there were such things. 

He has consulted with and implemented changes to the systems development processes and organizations of many companies large and small.  Phil has personally taught systems development processes, design methodologies, and technical team development to over 20,000 software engineers, analysts, programmers, managers, and executives. 

From 1989, Phil was Master Instructor at Motorola's corporate university and a design consultant with manufacturers and software development companies in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Phil has developed programs, taught, and consulted to Motorola, DEC, Honeywell, Siemens, Unisys, Nortel, Abbott Laboratories, Landmark Graphics, General Dynamics and many other companies.

Phil obtained a Dual Honours degree in Physics and Pure Mathematics from the University of Sheffield. 

Since 2000, he has been a contributing editor and author of a regular column in the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) flagship magazine Communications of the ACM

The column is entitled "The Business of Software" and appears quarterly.  Phil's writing has also appeared in many other publications such as the Defense Industry's CrossTalk

Phil is the author of The Laws of Software Process: A New Model for the Production and Management of Software published by Auerbach/CRC Press (ISBN
0-8493-1489-5) 2004.

Phil is a Senior Member of ACM and a Senior Member of the IEEE.





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A Synthesis of Organizational, Interpersonal, and Technical Skills
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Corvus International Inc

In 1985 Dr. Susan Slater formed Chelsea Associates, a consultancy focusing on organizational and human capital development.  With a wide range of clients from airlines to education and  automotive to telecommunications, Chelsea Associates provided innovative solutions to leadership, organizational structure, and interpersonal issues facing companies large and small

In 1989, after 16 years as a professional software developer, Phillip Armour founded Monmouth Associates, a company designed to apply the lessons learned in a long career in software on both sides of the Atlantic.  Working with such companies as Motorola, Unisys, and Honeywell, Monmouth  was instrumental in helping these companies achieve the stunning advances they saw in systems and software development in the early '90s.

In 1993, these two companies were merged to form Corvus.  The synergies were clear: while more and more companies were becoming technical or using technology as a core competency, the most significant factor in building technical systems was, and still is, the people involved and how well they work together.

Combining solid software development practices, proven organizational approaches, and personnel capability development, after 21 years Corvus continues to provide the most innovative and focused solutions to modern business problems to a wide and growing list of clients